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We are a family run Grower of premium catnip (nepeta cataria).


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About Us

Valley View Estate (PTY) Ltd is a family run grower of Premium Catnip (Nepeta Cataria). We do everything to ensure that the end product is Pesticide and Herbicide free, and Clean of any other plant matter. It is carefully picked, sorted, and hung to dry to give the maximum oil content and best quality product.

We are happy to provide customers with a certificate of Analysis to show that there is no Herbicides or Pesticides.

We do not use any form of heating on the product which guarantees the maximum oil content. We strive to work with customers to meet their needs and requirements. Valley View Estate has the capability of producing up to 40+ tonnes of Catnip (Nepeta Cataria) a year.


Our Products


Catnip 20g

Catnip 30g

Tea Cut Catnip


Eragrostis 500g

Lucerne 1Kg

Small Animal Grasses

Hamster Bedding 250g

Hamster Bedding 1Kg



What We Do

premium Catnip

Valley View Estate (PTY) Ltd is a family run Grower of premium catnip (Nepeta Cataria).

Custom Packaging

Speak to us about Custom Branding – or non branded packaged products

Bulk Catnip

Special Orders for Wholesalers that would like to Package their own products – contact us to discuss pricing and quantities.

House Brand

You are welcome to order our house brand as per the listed items under our products

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